Thursday, 31 July 2014

Orlygg's Blog Rundown

I remember a time when I could keep track of pretty much everything the Oldhammer Community produced. After all, there were only about five of us! Now I feel it is impossible to really keep up with everything and I really enjoy finding articles published here and there that I missed first time around. I am also well aware that this blog is the most widely read and sometimes my interest in Old School Citadel and Third Edition is mistaken as the attitude of the whole. 

This is very wrong. As the bloggers who consider themselves to be part of our community are a varied bunch with a great number of gaming, collecting and writing interests. I am often asked about why Oldhammer has been so successful and I think the answer is a simple one. The posts published across the whole spectrum of the community share two things: passion and well written articles. Now, what follows is a run down of some of the lesser known blogs in our community that I feel need a little bit of attention from the unwashed masses (that is you lot!) as well as a little comment from me about each site. You will find quality articles and passion for their subject aplenty here.

So make a cup of tea and have a stroll through the blogs I have selected for you. Don't forget to join up and follow these sites if you have a Blogger account!

Ross Leach has been blogging since March and writes about his quest to collect Citadel Chaos Daemons, with a particular focus on his quest to source and paint classic era 'Realm of Chaos' daemons. His collection is quite varied and can leap from decade to decade. His painting is bright and immediate and certainly makes the most of the daemonic models he is working on. Well worth a visit.

Snickit (Erny's brother) is an irregular blogger but focuses entirely on collecting Skaven. He has hordes and hordes of models painted to tabletop standards. If scale is your thing, its a great place to go as he posts up quite chunky units of old and new school ratmen. I always enjoy his musing and wish they were a little more regular. Check it out!

MJDredd is another blogger who writes about a range of miniatures from different eras. Its well worth a look for some of his paint schemes and mini dioramas, as can be seen in the picture above. The blog has been going since 2012 and includes an interesting quest to own all of the 1980s Jes Goodwin chaos champions. Perhaps you can help?

This blog is run by colin.murray and is a really good reflection of his modelling activities. Within the posts you will find articles about Citadel collecting, Big Box games, painting and even battle reports. The miniature content isn't exclusively Citadel either, so you often get to learn about unfamiliar ranges. He has a great painting style and I always enjoy having a cruise through his latest work. Colin's style is colourful and skilful, as the image above will testify, and I hope you enjoy his work as much as I do.

Stuart Bannister is a new blogger on the block and is well worth a visit. I only recently caught hold of his work when I stumbled across his Nurgle style Marauder troll and giant slayers (above) and followed him immediately. There is loads of other great stuff on their to discover too, even though the site has only been going to a couple of months. Click the link and enjoy!

Bruno Beveridge's new blog, again another one only a few months old, is worth a visit to gawp over his collection of painted Rogue Trader era Space Dwarfs and Orks. Straight out of the classic Ork books, his painting style is full of chequers, dags and goffs. My personal favourite piece in his collection? The original plastic Ork Battlewagon seen above!

Asslessman needs no introduction, apart from if you have not seen his work before. A very prolific member of the Oldhammer Community on forums and Facebook, but its easy to forget that he runs his own blog too! Plenty to see here if you like chaos renegades or more of the more unusual miniatures Citadel put out during the classic era. There is plenty to read here, so enjoy it!

Jason Fulford is a blogger I have had the pleasure to meet and throw dice around with. His blog is the perfect place to head if you are into early Rogue Trader miniatures as he is attempting to collect and paint all of the models in the RT601 Adventurers release. His painted efforts can be seen above and jolly good they are too!

Ed Gladdis is a familiar name here at Realm of Chaos 80s as I showcased some of his chaos models not so long ago. He has a little blog I have just discovered and there are loads more quality painted figures on show there. My favourite pieces in his collection are the dioramas he has produced, like the Chaos Battering Ram shown above, and I am sure you will appreciate a look at them too!

24_Cigarettes is by his own admission, an irregular blogger. Even so there is some excellent material here, especially if you are interested in collection and painting classic '80s skaven.

And so I must end my round up of my favourite blogs of late. Of course, if you think your blog is worthy of our attention then just drop a link in the comments section below so we can all enjoy your work and collections.



  1. Thanks for the plug. There were a few here I was unaware of and am sure to visit.

  2. I think this is a great idea, you blog is the first that many will stumble upon and it was certainly my gateway into the Oldhammer community. Using your spot in the limelight to let people know about other goings on in the Oldhammer world is a great thing to be doing and I heartily support it.

    Now excuse me whilst I go peruse some of those links. :)

  3. Thanks for the plug Orlygg, my fledgling blog needs all the help it can get! Not quite sure who this "Rob" Leach is though... ;) My evil twin perhaps??

    Some other great blogs there too, loads of inspiration to be found. It's nice to see just how much interest there is!

    1. He's your internal symbiotic twin, he grew on your brain and controls you sometimes. Loads of us are friends with him. It's kind of like the movie Fight Club I guess.

    2. Quality movie (even better book). I wonder if Rob Leach hangs out with Meatloaf and Jared Leto like Tyler Durden did...

  4. Thanks for the nod Orlygg and the kind words, I'm off to follow a couple if the blogs I didn't know about.

  5. Thanks for the kind words James. Oldhammer is all about sharing ! I'm happy to say I'm already following all those great blogs and I cannot insist on the importance of following them fir those who don't already.

  6. Thanks for that, I did not know many of them, some great stuff. While my own blog has a lot of historical, I do have an Oldhammer project (Chaos) if you're interested in having a look :

  7. Thanks so much for the plug, James. Really appreciate it. There were a few on the list I hadn't seen so glad to say I'm following all now.
    It's great to see this community grow and to be honest until last year I had no idea there was such a passionate following for all of these wonderful old figs. It had felt a bit like solitary confinement for a number of years. Many thanks again!

  8. Cheers Dude, the plug is much appreciated.

    One thing that encourages me to write more is comments, no matter how small, on what I've written about, makes you feel people have read, not just stopped by.

    I say encourage this =) as it'll encourage more people to write more often!

    Ta ta for now!

    1. Actually I'd really like to echo this; Getting comments really keeps me going, knowing that people are interested in what I'm painting, collecting and writing about is great :)

      In fact, I really should make more effort to comment myself :S

    2. Totally agree, makes you feel it's worth writing the stuff, if you don't feel your stuff is being well received you start to get to the point of "why bother then".

      If there's interest in our stuff I'm sure we'll all blog more!

  9. Cheers Orlygg for introducing my blog to your many followers, it feels great to be part of this community and to be inspired by so many other enthusiasts. I hope I can also contribute as well as others do..

  10. Share and share alike is my motto. Well, actually it isn't, I just made that up, but what is the point of having an influential blog if you cannot influence others with it?

  11. Yes, many thanks for not just the plug but your hard work on this always informative blog- it's success is well deserved!

  12. Hi there! I really enjoy your blog. The interviews offer a real insight into what was going on in the creative minds of GW staff when I was just another kid, living at the ends of the earth (New Zealand), lost in the realms of fantasy gaming. Perhaps you could add my blog? I have a fine collection of painted (and waiting to be painted) Citadel miniatures. I also play old school games regularly, classics and clones. My blog tracks this journey of rediscovery:

    For some really classic miniatures, you might want to begin here:

  13. really appreciate the plug, better get to work with some more content :)